SunLED B73 180mm 35W+ Downlighter WH Wit + LED Driver +vwb65


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The Sunled B73 is a high performance, passively cooled LED downlight.
enough light to replace 35W HID lightsources: up to 3400Lm (3000K)
several different modules available
reflectors with Light Output Ratio above 90%
good quality white light: available in 3000K, 4000K and 5600K – Ra80 and Ra90.
supplied with a safety glass to protect the module from dust and dirt
can be fitted with a range of effect filters
optionally DALI dimmable

Product specifications
Protection IP20, CAT 1
Colour Silver, White, Black
Gear Electronic (HF)
Notice – Installation cut-out diameter 180mm
– Maximum ceiling thickness: 25mm
– Spring mounted – No tools required

'*' = 5 silver, 6 white, 9 black
19K1111* SunLED B73 3120Lm/830 SP
19K1112* SunLED B73 3120Lm/830 FL
19K1113*SunLED B73 3120Lm/830 WFL

19K1211* SunLED B73 2900Lm/930 SP
19K1212* SunLED B73 2900Lm/930 FL
19K1213* SunLED B732900Lm/930 WFL

19K1311* SunLED B73 3200Lm/840 SP
19K1312* SunLED B73 3200Lm/840 FL
19K1313* SunLED B73 3200Lm/840 WFL

19826180 LED bakery filter (gold)
19826181 LED fish filter (blue)
19826182 LED fruit filter (yellow)
19826183 LED vegetable filter (green)
19826184 LED meat filter (pink)